GSW Strategic Plan 2002-07

Priority One: Academic Programs of Distinction

Georgia Southwestern will promote academic programs to encourage increased enrollment to an optimum of 3,000 students while maintaining a caring community of learning. GSW will provide distinctive, effective education programs while developing and strategically allocating resources for the delivery of those programs.

  • Strengthen teaching, learning, and assessment in all programs, particularly in the core curriculum, the liberal arts foundation for all baccalaureate degree programs.
  • Develop and support interdisciplinary learning, service learning, and international learning experiences as components of the curriculum for all students.
  • Provide resources for professional development to retain a committed faculty and staff.
  • Provide continuing support for comprehensive program and accreditation reviews for all programs.

Priority Two: Meeting the Needs of a Changing Student Population

Georgia Southwestern will develop alternative approaches to enhance programs and services.

  • Increase course availability through flexible scheduling.
  • Design and offer alternative modes for the delivery of instruction, including increasing access to and use of technology.
  • Develop options for childcare.
  • Assess and strengthen services that respond to student needs.

Priority Three: Quality Residential Programs and Facilities

Georgia Southwestern will develop a residential model that includes updated facilities, new student life programs, and expanded opportunities for learning within the context of a financially viable, self-sufficient operation.

  • Develop public/private partnerships to create new residential options for students.
  • Explore strategies to reinforce existing residency requirements and to encourage all traditional age students to reside on campus for the first two years of the undergraduate experience.
  • Assess and strengthen programs that engage students in campus life.
  • Develop additional specialized residential facilities for traditional age students.

Priority Four: Enriched Campus Community

Georgia Southwestern students, faculty, and staff will continue to enrich the learning environment to support our vibrant community of learning.

  • Focus resources for development of all community members.
  • Increase student, faculty, and staff engagement in the campus community.
  • Promote communication and the flow of information across the campus.
  • Foster collaboration across departments and schools within the University and with external agencies.

Priority Five: GSW Image and Centennial Celebration

Georgia Southwestern will promote its distinctiveness in the University System as it prepares to celebrate its Centennial in 2006.

  • Increase public awareness of distinctive programs and learning opportunities as well as the economic impact of the University through the development and implementation of a systematic marketing plan.
  • Examine the cost and feasibility of NCAA membership for athletic programs.
  • Maximize the impact of celebrating the University‚Äôs centennial.
  • Launch a major gift campaign to fund the critical needs of the University.